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Changing extensions to OnDemand

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How can I change extensions from loading "onBoot" to loading "onDemand" using a command line interface?

Also, how do I start or load applications from the command line that have been installed "onDemand" ?


1. OnBoot is represented by a simple text file located at:

Use your favorite editor or base CLI editor vi to adjust.

2. OnDemand from the command line is as follows:

To add for example flpicsee use
$ ondemand flpicsee

To remove flpicsee use:
$ ondemand -r flpicsee

Looking at your PATH you will see ondemand as the last location. So often you will just need to call the program by extension name to invoke from on demand, Subsequent calls find the program eariler in the PATH.

Thanks very much.

So to change something from onboot to ondemand, just remove it from onboot.lst?

What does it happen when "ondemand" command is used?



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