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TinyCore not detecting my Hard Drive

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I'm fairly new to Linux and i'm trying to install tiny-core on my webdt 366.
but it seems not to detect the webdt internal flash drive.

i was able to boot with gparted live CD and see & format my disk my disk.
i was also able to boot with Ubuntu and see my disk.

any ideas?

from which media tinycore is booted?
possible need add waitusb bootcode?

I'm booting from a USB cd-rom (CorePlus-4.4.iso)

so just to clarify

i have a webdt 366 (with one USB port)
a USB keyboard with two USB ports is connected to the webdt USB port
a USB mouse is connected to the first USB port on the keyboard
a USB cd-rom (booting device) is connected o the second USB port on the keyboard

i have tried the waitusb option but i still could not see my drive

when i use gparted it is mounted as hda1 and when i used Ubuntu it is mounted as sda1

It's possible the built-in Flash ROM NAND chip is not initially supported, from some info in the web I found out that it might be a classic Geode Companion chip, possibly supported by the kernel options

--- Code: ---CONFIG_MTD_NAND_CS553X

--- End code ---

which we only include as a module, but I'm not sure it's present. Maybe curaga can help out here...

Source: http://webdt.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=100

if it's so i think that need download mtd-3.0.21-tinycore.tcz
and load module cs553x_nand

--- Code: ---tce-load -wil mtd-3.0.21-tinycore.tcz
modprobe cs553x_nand
--- End code ---
it is right?


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