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TCL as a router?

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Has somebody configured TCL as a router?
F.I. PC using 2NICs - one NIC DHCP and connected to the DSL router ( the other NIC connected to another LAN but configured as fixed IP ( Or do I just need to config a bridge from 192.168.0.X to 192.168.1.X?

I did a search on "router(s)"  within this forum and there was no result.

Split the topic.

Hi beerstein
It sounds like you are trying to connect a second LAN with a different block of IP addresses to an existing
DSL router. I think a bridge is what you are looking for.

Hi: Yes - this correct - can I configure the TCL machine to act like bridge?

Hi beerstein
On second thoughts, I'm not so sure a bridge will work. Here's something you can try.
Your router is set to On the second network (192.168.1.xxx) try changing the NICs route and
default gateway to (or should that be


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