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iptables not loading in v.4.4


I'm a relative newbie to TCL and just upgraded from v.4.3 to v.4.4 by replacing old core.gz and vmlinuz with the new versions. Now I can't get my iptables to work. when I sudo iptables -nvL in terminal I get "netfilter-3.0.21-tinycore.tcz not found. I added /usr/local/sbin/basic-firewall noprompt to /opt/bootlocal.sh - no luck. Can anyone give me some suggestions how to fix this??

Hi jackrnm
Did you follow the update instructions here:
In particular, the part about AppsAudit?
It's probably complaining because you have   netfilter-3.0.3-tinycore.tcz    installed.

here need to add numbering as in previous paragraphs and highlight by bold color :)

--- Quote from: roberts on March 18, 2012, 10:39:37 AM ---if You have/use X then
AppsAduit -> Dependencies -> Build Reporting Database -> Fetch Missing

or if you only use Core (no X) or Xorg did not start and only have a system prompt use:
tce-audit builddb
tce-audit fetchmissing

--- End quote ---

Many thanks - they work now.


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