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Micro Core - Antique hardware P133 48MB SCSI



One-by-one, I tried all the ancient distros that will boot (via PLOP) from CD drive.
(No USB, No CD boot)
(Nothing boots from SCSI. Replaced SCSI with IDE-CD+HD to make testing easier)
Puppy 1.0.4 and DamSmellLinux 4.4 are the only survivors.
Puppy is horribly slow, and not upgradable to newer versions.
DSL is plenty fast and with a little dieting... Ummm, I hate diets  :P
Plus, neither will boot from SCSI disk. Poo-Poo.

TinyCore won't boot in 42MB (video consumes about 6MB).
How about skinny little MicroCore ?
I think I could get thru it with some advice,
or... how about dos-win-4-workgroups3.11 with added LFN support ?   ::) 

All suggestions appreciated.

Sure, MC should work. Just boot it the same way you booted TC.

SCSI should work with the scsi extension.

Wow, where does all that ancient hardware come from lately? I thought all those projects with computers for poor countries were more successful ;-) For extreme minimalism check also the possibility of a local initramfs (reducing core.gz for one special pc) http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php/topic,9028.0.html


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