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TC4.4 in low RAM Mode and hdparm DMA

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I'm currently on my way to get TC4.4 running on my Libretto 100CT (8GB SSD, 64MB RAM, 1,5MB VGA RAM, P166MMX).
Two issues:
a) as OnBoot (as OnDemand works only partly via ssh or busybox) consumes a lot of ram just to be installed (after gcc, alsa, mplayer, my RAM is full) is the boot switch "local=sda2" my way into a traditional installation (meaning, files loaded from disk, no loopback, no reset, no backup)? And is it possible to say local=sda2/whatever ?
b) under NT4 I get the disk running in MWDMA2 mode (the max what the Libretto controller support), in FreeBSD the kernel choses PIO4 and only after atacontrol is initialized it choses MWDMA2, in TC (I guess Linux in generell) I get only PIO1 working which is a bit slow on a 95MB/s SSD; 16 would be nice... When using hdparm I get an error while applying -d=1 saying it's not supported by the device and -p=4 (afair) says the same to my /dev/sda. Any hints?


Running root from hard drive is not supported.

a) maybe better try oss instead alsa to reduce memory usage and move gcc to ondemand?
b) can try booting with libata.force=1.00:mwdma2 kernel parameter (see here and kernel params)

Just wondering if having this feature http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php/topic,12856.msg70508.html could solve onboot issue?

Unionfs is not a magic bullet for ram use, IIRC it did not differ much from symlinks.
Even worse, when unionfs runs out of ram, you don't get an "out of ram" message, you get an oops...


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