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opl2 / opl3sa2 sound (Toshiba Libretto 100CT)

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@Rich / sam.vanraat
OK I haven't had the time to get TC running on the L100CT yet so I haven't used the newer snd_opl3sa2 module, only the old opl3sa2 module from DSL 4. I'd assume the parameters are the same so the values I gave should still be relevant for TC on the L100CT.

The irq, dma, and isapnp parameters are the same, the others are different.

Hi andrewb
Thanks for the info; I already tried that way on my search for X; as mentioned it may be my BIOS Release (8.4) which I need to get my SSD recognized/bootet. The Toshiba Tech told me 2005 it was never released and will be; with this upgrade I was limited to 1,5MB VGA RAM (1024*768*15Bit Virt Desktop), so there might be the link to my problems. Under FBSD the patched X client works, so I guess I get it working with gcc at my side.
Sound is more important: I'll try the next days to use your mods.
next issue will be started soon for my low RAM, as the RAMloopbacks leaves nothing after ALSA was installed. So I guess the local=switch will be needed

P.S.: the nvram is a small NiCd Akku and will recharge somehow; a better replacement is a small Goldcap 5V, which lasts for about 1 week offline and don't leak out as deep discharged NiCd do.

now i switched from alsa to oss (incl OSS-modules-3.0.21-tinycore.tcz); modified the modinfo to a maybe module; but there is no opl3 to find; only a oss_ymf7xx which is as far as I understand only the Yamaha XG Midi Support; not the OPL3SA... (I guess because I could only use fm port, midi and midi irq; and no control port).
Does anyone use OPL3 and OSS in TC to give me more instructions?

OSS Support for OPL3 was dropped long ago, so no way to use OSS for it.
So back to ALSA, and maybe I'd drop lots of files to get it small enough. ATM alsa stopps with a timeout panic while starting (alsactl) & swapping.


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