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Custom kernel won’t boot: “modprobe: can’t load module lzo_decompress…”

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Hi. Full message is “modprobe: can’t load module lzo_decompress (source/lib/lzo/lzo_decompress.ko): No such file or directory”.
I get this message twice just after the line saying “Starting udev daemon for hotplug support...Done”.

Unfortunately, I cannot search the forums because of a *-++)«*/»(+)! of a security measure :-(( I HATE SECURITY ZEALOTS! Sorry for the rant…

Of course I did enable the module, and insert it along with the others in the initrd. But of course, it is not under source/whatever… It is under /lib/modules… as should be! What did I do wrong? Where does this “source/” come from?


Hi theYinYeti
Can't search because of a security measure? Haven't heard that one before.

I swear I couldn’t search the phrase “lzo_decompress” before! I had a long message on a white background, that gave among other text a key-string and a link for “correcting the problem myself”. When following the link, I was told that I used “dangerous” words :-( It reminded me of the messages from the filter at work, like “Sorry, the page you want contains forbidden words from the "hacking" category” :-(

Anyway, the same search works now!  :o  … And yields nothing.

I would guess you forgot to run depmod properly for the new modules in your custom initrd for your custom kernel, since lzo is normally builtin and not a module. Only copying the modules in place doesn't tell the kernel, they are available.

Thank you for the tip gutmensch :)
As this feature is needed anyway, I’ll compile it in the kernel instead. It may work. The error I have is strange nonetheless.

Do you know what are the minimum kernel features needed by Core, appart from your usual manage-the-peripherals things? I mean kernel features that wouldn’t normally be needed on, say, a Debian, but on which Core depends; I now know there is lzo_decompression, and there’s this zram & tmpfs-initrd stuff; are there others?

I almost forgot to ask: how do I run depmod? Indeed, I tried “chroot core.content/ depmod” before cpio’ing it again, but it complained that it could not find the modules for the running kernel… To be expected: the running kernel is not the one I just compiled. However, I cannot boot the new kernel so how do I make my now kernel the running kernel  :o



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