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How to change" booting core 4.3.1 Running ..."


I want to remaster my tinycore linux system.

It shows

 booting core 4.3.1
 Running Linux Kernel 3.0.3-tinycore.

is there anybody know how to  change the words "core 4.3.1" after "Booting"

which file should  I modify >?

thanks ! 

As significant part of the boot process '/etc/init.d/tc-config' gets executed and the two lines pertinent to your question appear to be:

--- Code: ---tc@box:~$ grep -n VERSION /etc/init.d/tc-config
12:VERSION="$(cat /usr/share/doc/tc/release.txt)"
26:echo "${GREEN}Booting ${YELLOW}Core $VERSION ${NORMAL}"
--- End code ---

So take your pick what you want to change, but I for one would consider it very bad practise if you would use this information to misrepresent the origin (or even copyrights) of your remaster.

Thank you,   There are  Tinycore, Core plus  and core.  I am using  TinyCore now,  but when booting, it shows  booting core 4.3.1   :(:(,  so I want to change display like  Booting  Tinycore  4.**   .

There is no tinycore anymore, only core with the GUI of your choice from the repos.


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