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I am not intelligent enough to understand Core Plus

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So sorry. I have really tried but I lack the brain resources to work it out.
I must start a blog or something and invite people to answer me there?
For it is obvious that most of you here get very annoyed when I fail to get it.

And I too easily get off topic for being able to ask things on this forum too.
I link to show.

I wrote something that lured several of us to go off topic here so I try to start a new thread about it.,11855.msg70385.html#msg70385

--- Quote ---NTFS did not get dropped!
Witness the ntfs extensions listed when using AppBrowser' Search ntfs
Use these to gain full access to NTFS drives after boot.

Also available is the initrd version ntfs-3g.gz here

Add this to your boot loader to have immediate full access to NTFS.


The only thing that was dropped was an installation script that was attempting to modify XP boot loader. It was determined best not to try to modify XP NTFS boot loader. Note however one can use grub4dos to achieve this.
--- End quote ---

I answered like this due to not getting what the text says. Trying to explain why I trusted NTFS where deprecated.

--- Quote ---Thanks RobertS.

I am so sorry. It is a well known fact that I fail to get the intentions
behind even well versed English. I did base my take on it from a
text that you wrote.,12164.msg65220.html#msg65220

--- Quote ---« Reply #29 on: December 23, 2011, 12:53:04 PM »

I don't want to deal with the installation of it anymore. XP is near end of life.
I have no desire to get Vista or Win7 or soon to be Win8. I tried my best to use grub4dos to be helpful for XP installs. But still some want nt boot loader mods and not grub4dos. That is too windows specific for me. I have not been a regular user of Windows since 2000. If anyone wants to take over the tcgrub4dos install program please feel free or the creation of an alternate install program. I have even contacted Svolli, a known master of NTFS, to see if he would want to take over the extension.  Otherwise I will be withdrawing that particular installation extension.

--- End quote ---

I did not understand the rest of the post
I did not dare to ask either because almost always one are referred to the documentation
and them are on a level I fail to understand. So what does it mean?

The old code that you RobertS  gave me:

--- Quote ---title Tiny Core Linux
find --set-root /tce/boot/bzImage
kernel /tce/boot/bzImage quiet tce=hda1
initrd /tce/boot/tinycore.gz /tce/boot/ntfs-3g.gz

--- End quote ---

and that did work but trying it on the later versions don't remember which
then it failed and you told me the above.

But as I said I fail to get what people say. So seen from my poor reading
it does say you gave up on booting on NTFS. But that is my poor reading then?

So I need to find somebody that can explain how to get it going on my noob level.
--- End quote ---

So now re-reading the answer above makes me very unsure what it all means.
One take is that I misunderstood your word deprecated and that one can but
need to know how to do it and that the texts you write explain how

the only problem is that I fail to grasp what those texts say. I have no idea how
to get it going. A kind of Catch 22. Whatever I do now will only make you guys
even more annoyed because every time I ask something then the text from you
explain it on a level that is way above my head. A hopeless situation.

I really do like Core Plus but it seems too complicated for me on the level it get presented.

My bad not yours. I do realize none of you have promised that it should be able to be
understood on my low level. I only wish somebody could teach me how to without
making all the others annoyed reading it on that basic level. So maybe a PM to me
to not make people upset?

I read the FAQ
and have also looked in Wiki but I am a poor reader. Seems it worked for 3.7 or 4.0
even 4.1 but after 4.2 one most likely have to know much more to get it started.

I use these grub4dos menu.lst

--- Quote ---title TC with desktop=flwm_topside
   kernel (hd0,1)/boot/vmlinuz cde showapps desktop=flwm_topside
   initrd (hd0,1)/boot/core.gz

title TC with JWM
   kernel (hd0,1)/boot/vmlinuz cde showapps desktop=jwm
   initrd (hd0,1)/boot/core.gz

title TC with flwm
   kernel (hd0,1)/boot/vmlinuz cde showapps desktop=flwm
   initrd (hd0,1)/boot/core.gz

--- End quote ---

all of them do boot and let me do sudo reboot and accept cd and ls but not startx
So I have to find some instruction to get the desktop going. I drown in all the text.
What am I supposed to do now?

I have booted on Acer D255 Which have a Atom N450 CPU double core.
HD is formatted to NTFS and I have downloaded the ntfs-3g.gz file and placed it in cde

should it be placed in boot instead?

I try to understand this text from RobertS too.

--- Quote ---or if you only use Core (no X) or Xorg did not start and only have a system prompt use:
tce-audit builddb
tce-audit fetchmissing

Note: Xprogs.tcz has been updated and is now in the repository.
--- End quote ---

is that what I am supposed to write at the prompt?

I tested two different isos.
CorePlus-4.4 and TinyCorePlus-4.4
I also tried to write that suggested at the prompt.

tce-audit builddb and it gave error that None such file or directory existed.
So what am I supposed to do to get a desktop?

Heyho newbody!

Well ok, the Tiny Core development is in constant flux, that's why you maybe lost your desktop ;-) Let me try to make it clear:

1. Once there was a tinycore.gz, which basically included Xvesa.tcz, Xlibs.tcz, Xprogs.tcz, wbar.tcz, flwm_topside.tcz and fltk-1.10.tcz, so you had a complete desktop.
2. Now there is only core.gz, which doesn't include those files anymore because it's a logical step for a real modular OS.
3. To get a desktop again you have some options

a. In your working core.gz boot (where you only have a prompt), change the boot loader file (the one with kernel at start) to include something like tce=sda1 if the first partition of the first hdd has a supported filesystem (ext2/3/4 e.g.). You could even choose "waitusb=5 tce=sdb1" for a USB key. Reboot. Then download the desktop extensions like

--- Code: ---tce-load -wi Xvesa Xlibs Xprogs wbar flwm_topside

--- End code ---
This should be everything to get a working desktop again. If you only have Windows style partitions and filesystems it complicates everything a little and I would suggest to use some USB key first, which you can initialize with ext filesystem (like mkfs.ext2 -L CORE /dev/sdb1) to load the extensions at boot from this one (and then with the appr. kernel boot codes "waitusb=5 tce=sdb1").

b. You could also remaster, so you have one bigger mycore.gz, which already includes all the extensions you want to have at startup. For this you can for example use the ezremaster.tcz extension.

4. The tce-audit commands were meant to used when you've already got some installation of tce extensions in place on sda1 or sdb1 or wherever for the upgrading process from one version (e.g. 4.3) to another (e.g. 4.4), so they don't apply if you don't have any tce folder yet.

Thanks gutmensch,

that makes sense indeed. So now I am in a big trouble.
I need to follow that for me too complicated instruction.

I sure have TCL 4.1 on a usb which work but would that really help
That one can not get updated to past 4.2 as I get it.

One need to start all over? That is why I am totally lost.
I would need an easy to follow instruction on how to
use Puppy linux or TCL 4.1 to manually place all needed files
on the /mnt/home in puppy on the NTFS and then follow that.

reading your description makes me into  a big question mark.

Much appreciated that you cared though but not sure how to proceed at all.


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