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printing a pdf document as bookfold

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Is there anything in Tinycorelinux so that I may be able to print a pdf file as bookfold i.e. in book format ? In Windows there is a small utility "Gimposition" . Or some one or another pdf reader under Linux is able to do that already, and how ? If one may provide even an external link . Thanx.

'seems there might be a couple of perl scripts - psnup and psnup2.pl

See http://dsl.org/cookbook/cookbook_25.html#SEC370 - "Combining PostScript Documents" and "Arranging a PostScript Document in a Booklet"

I usually mold small format books a5 with acrobat reader or LibreOffice:

1) Print Option:
     Page scaling : booklet printing ; back side only
2) first print
3) I realigned the sheet and put them back in print
4) Print Option:
     Print range, subject: reverse page
     Page scaling : booklet printing ; front side only
5) Final print

1) In general tab:
     Properties, Paper Size, A4
2) Layout tab: brochure: Include Back Sides
3) First print
4) I realigned the sheet and put them back in print
5) In general tab:
     Properties, Paper Size, A4 (in my case this prop. is reset on every print)
6) Layout tab: brochure: Include Front sides
7) Option tab: Print in reverse page order
8) Final print

at the end bind the prints with a opened staple

@vinnie: Thanx.
But Adobe : Copyright issues first, and then such an heavyweight.
Libre Office : Does that open pdf files too ? My question was related to pdf format files only.

@Juanito: I can now teach Postscript to others myself. Many Thanx.
But before that I must have done my homework myself, I mean enough experiments at home first, for which I need at least pdf2ps, ps2ps, psselect, psbook, psnup, and pstops etc. So are these availale through any extensions in tinycorelinux repository ? I could find only pdf2ps, and ps2ps in ghostscript_common.tcz, and xpdf.tcz combined.

gsview.tcz, and ghostscript.tcz don't have any of them.

app browser "provides" shows at least some of these to be in the texlive extension


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