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We have a couple little TC machines basically running as thinclients.

We are trying to switch our LAN to DHCP, so the static IP's which have been targeted by FREERDP in the past are going away.
How do I get FREERDP to be able to rectify machine names??

I did download+load the `isc-dhcp` ext, but still get "ERROR: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known"
What should I try next ??
~ Mo

Maybe you should look at dnsmasq.

Great, thank you.
Found it and installed it.

The linux world is still a little mysterious to me :-)
(Not much more comfortable with networking stuff)
I'm looking at the config file, and wondering if there's a cheat-sheet somewhere?
 ... like a config file that works for the majority of all basic uses?

Or should I just make my best WAGs, and take it as it comes ?? :)
~ Mo

It sounds a bit like a wrong network setup. Only DHCP doesn't serve any names for servers like your Windows servers, it only provides IP addresses to the Windows servers, nothing else. So if you want to connect to DNS names from the client, you have to setup a DNS for your network as well, which shouldn't be on the client of course. No isc-dhcp or anything else needed on the client, unless you want to make it more complicated then needed. The command

--- Code: ---$ ping windowsservername

--- End code ---

should work on all clients before calling freerdp. If it's not working, either the name server on your client is not correct (entry in /etc/resolv.conf) or you don't have one at all. If you want to avoid special DNS, you can hardcode the server names into /etc/hosts with their specific IP addresses. I wouldn't recommend having dynamic IPs for any servers either way.

Your network needs a dhcp server that integrates with the name server.
Dnsmasq handles both.



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