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Iconizing of running apps on desktop

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Thanx Solorin for your replies; here, and in person. I will return to this post later. I mean to see it on flwm, and not on heavyweights like Gnome, KDE, LXDE .... etc.

Climbing with those mountains presents one with another problem, that of not willing to have those "permanent icons" on desktop with which they always cheer you up. I mean one's home directory, Trash bin etc. etc. on the desktop. I want a totally clean desktop, with icons of running apps only as long they are in run, and then only a plain .

sorry for the necrothread bump.
correcting a long overdue attribution.

--- Quote ---tinycore gives you a little ball of digital clay - you can sculpt it pretty much however you want.

--- End quote ---

as much as i would like to take credit for this turn of phrase.
it actually comes from http://matt.might.usesthis.com/

the phrase just embedded itself in my brain and
i couldn't find the reference after i regurgitated it.
just stumbled on it again today.
really there's no point in bringing it up.
except that the link leads to this great reference.
which might be helpful to people new to unix/linux.



--- Quote ---...leads to this great reference.

--- End quote ---

Well, that might be an intersting read...  ;)


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