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gtk3 broken with Xorg 7.6

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Jason W:
Actually, if you would send it in complete with the development files, after removing the large *.a static archives.  This only adds 1 MB to the already 22MB gtk2.scm extension, so I have added the -dev parts to make it simple to build against.  If we are going to turn a 6 or 7 MB extension into a 21MB one by including locales, may as well make it 22MB complete with the development files.

Done. Updated to 3.4.3 with development and locale files. Now it's about 20MB.

Is there any possibility of accepting tcz version?

Jason W:

Sure, a tcz version would be fine to me, as I really was not planning to be the one to do it, though vinnie was working on one until we ran into the issues.

Jason W:
Also, the build scripts and patches used would be good to have as well.  Thanks.

Neither build script nor patches was used to build gtk3 for scm extension.


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