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gtk3 broken with Xorg 7.6

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Jason W:
Ok, if the issue is needing xcb, that can easily be packed into the gtk3.scm extension.

And I reckon a shared gtk3 build can depend on the libx11-xcb.tcz extension.

It needs xcb ( and libX11 libraries compiled with xcb support. Then:

a) For smc extensions you can compile and pack both and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH into script.

b) For a gtk3.tcz extension, one problem:
    libx11-xcb.tcz puts libraries into /usr/local/lib. Then you have two (one into /usr/lib from Xlibs, other into /usr/local/lib from libx11-xcb).
    As /usr/lib takes precedence over /usr/local/lib gtk3 applications still use libX11 from Xlibs and crashing.
   Some options:
                 a) Rebuild Xlibs with xcb support
                 b) Remove Xlibs symbolic links affected with tce.installed script when libx11-xcb.tcz loads.

Jason W:
Ok, I will compile a new xcb enabled libx11 and xcb into the gtk3.scm extension so we can move forward with gtk3 scms.

I am not sure how it is to be handled in the tcz area since replacing libX11 symbolic links during runtime, when apps that are linked to libX11 might be running, may not be what is wanted.

Jason W:
I'll also update to the latest gtk3, I will aim for tonight and see if that makes a difference.

Jason W:
Updated gtk3 to latest 3.4.1 as well as underlying libs, built libX11 with xcb support as part of extension, and the apps crash now even with Xvesa.  I copied over the libX11 files to /usr/lib and restarted Xvesa to see if the libX11 with xcb support needs to be running.  Still a no go.

I will rebuild with the previous version of gtk3 and see how that goes with the xcb enabled libX11


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