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Simulate system with less resources??

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Is there a way to properly simulate having less resources than are actually available to the linux system?? IE. lower CPU power and RAM.

Hi mb0
You can limit memory with:

--- Code: ---max_addr=nn[KMG]    [KNL,BOOT,ia64] All physical memory greater
                    than or equal to this physical address is ignored.
--- End code ---

I would use an emulator (e.g. QEMU or Bochs, both available as extensions in the 4.x repository). For each VM you can easily limit the RAM. With regards to the CPU you should have some options to chose a lower spec model, but I would not rely on the emulator to get it always 100% right.

I think my system crashed when during my attempt to install qemu, and when i try to install again it says 'mount: mounting /dev/loop179 on /tmp/tcloop/SDL failed: Invalid argument'

Would qemu allow me to get a rough idea of how my software would run on arm/mips systems without changing the (x86) software? Or would i just be able to scale to a slower x86 processor, unless i recompiled?? (ie, not quite sure how qemu works)

As for max_addr=nn ..i am meant to put this in /mnt/{drive}/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf? and what should i put for the address.. say i wanted to simulate 64mb ram then what would i put as the value??

The mem boot option is simpler to use than max_addr and does the same thing.


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