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longhaul kernel module breaks tinycore 4.x on neoware via c3 platform

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i had a hard time yesterday getting tinycore 4.x work on Neoware BA-EON4300S x86 thin-clients.

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Until that problem is resolved upstream i would recommend that this module is being blacklisted in Tinycore, as there are still lots of Neoware ora VÍA C3/nehemiah "out in the wild".


We can't selectively blacklist, and I assume it is still useful for later Via cpus.

Noting here too that the fix was "longhaul.disable=1", disabling the module.

I don't think this is limited to TC4X.

I have a VIA C3 nehemiah cpu on my media server motherboard running TC3 and this module also causes my machine to hang.

Regards B1ackmai1er

Having certain modules blacklisted by default is a door you not want to open, because once you do,
where do you draw the line? It starts with module A. Then you add B, and C, and D, ......  Next thing
you know, members start posting that they want or need module C, which is now blacklisted by
default. One of Tinycores features is to be bootable out of the box with little to no effort by the majority
of users. Should an included module ever start causing problems for the majority of users, I suspect
that rather than be blacklisted by default, it would be moved to a tcz as an optional module.
Blacklisting is the responsibility of the end user, as it should be.

but why does TC3 work without problems? I assume the module isn`t being loaded there by default, so the question is what makes it load by default on TC4.


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