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I'd liketo get TC running on a Libretto 100CT (64MB RAM, P166, 8GB IDE SSD). As the IDE Controller is Standard about 1996 it's showing any device under the microcore (luckily I get a shell and could view dmesg and see no hdx or sdx device usable.  After that I tried a lot of parameters for the kernel (edd=on eide=on libata=no config_ide=y ide=nodma apm=on pnpbios=on pci=bios ide0=0x170,0x3f6) but with no luck. I'm sure no kernel hacker so maybe I used them in a wrong constellation (demonstrated that I didn't even get kmap=quertz/de-latin1 running that way)
Is there an extended kernel available to support more controllermodules in the kernel? Kernel 2.4 with it's non libata hd devices works (DSL4.4.10) but I prefer the smart GUI of TC over it.
The reason to use TC on such an old device is that I try to get rid of WinNT on that machine; mplayer, gcc, mpg123, proftpd and sshd is all I need in combination with lots of shells.
The chipset is a Toshiba 750 with only MWDMA2 (=16,6MB/s) available and a very fast SSD in it, so it could cope with a lot of my deals.


Hi bmarkus
you mean the switches will work then or the kernel will support my ancient hardware (again)?
I'll load it instantly, even when I'm happy up to the point that I installed all addon pakets (on a different plattform) languages, locales, Xserver (Neomagic), but I'm sure I get better by doing it often, so not so much of a problem.

P.S.: Is it possible just to copy the core over it?

What bmarkus is pointing at is the fact that TC 4.4 (currently at "rc2") will be using a newly compiled kernel (i.e. 3.0.21 instead of 3.0.3) and some possibly beneficial changes to the kernel configuration which might have an impact in your case. As the initrd (i.e. 'Core.gz') contains the kernel modules you won't be able to use a new kernel (i.e. 'vmlinuz') with an old initdr (containing until now kernel modules for 3.0.3).

and works like a charm; I changed only vmlinuz and core.gz for a fast testing, and even with no parameter it booted and sdax is there; now I have only X open as my Neomagic doesn't offer fb but a simple shell (busybox) is more than enough to start.


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