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[Solved] Learning Cron

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I have "export EDITOR=vi" in my .ashrc, so you may be on to something.

Booting up with another computer using a stock tinycore 3.8.4 cd with bootcodes syslog cron

- Boot up is fine.

- running
--- Code: ---crontab -e
--- End code ---
from CLI fires up the GUI editor


The system I was actually testing is running tinycore 3.8.4 (NOT microcore), and is a headless server with no keyboard or mouse either.

I'm accessing it with putty and getting that error when i run "crontab -e" So I guess that its trying to edit crontab files with the gui editor, but is failing as I'm in a CLI via putty.

So I would guess that if i was using a microcore boot disc it would use vi and not the GUI editor. What do you think ?

I think you are correct.

I've been reading up about using cron, and think I may need some help.

I've created a basic sh script

--- Code: ---#!/bin/sh

echo "The date/time is : $(date)" >> timelog ;

--- End code ---

When I run the file from the cli it appends the current date/time to the file timelog

Now in order to test that i am learning how to use cron correctly, I want to make sure this happens every minute.
So I ran "crontab -e"
And created the following file

--- Code: ---SHELL=/bin/sh

# Jobs
* * * * * sh /home/tc/

--- End code ---

I used nano to create "/etc/cron.allow" with the following contents

--- Code: ---root
--- End code ---

And I monitor the contents of  timelog with

--- Code: ---tail -f timelog
--- End code ---

However, the expected date/time info is not being appended to the file.
I have looked around on a few websites, and i'm pretty sure that I've got he correct cron format for a job every 1 minutes.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

And just where do you think "timelog" will be located?
Use an absolute path.


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