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Author Topic: backup:"error occured.... errors in /tmp/backup_status" NOT  (Read 2021 times)

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backup:"error occured.... errors in /tmp/backup_status" NOT
« on: March 07, 2012, 06:50:12 PM »
When specifying a backup with invalid "Device" backup fails with:

[ i ] Error occured.  (spelling!)
Make sure you are using a valid backup/restore device. Some errors are logged in /tmp/backup_status
ls -l /tmp shows only:
aberr  k5_skip tce/ tcloop wm_errors

Oh, once a successful backup is run, sometimes(?)  the file will be created upon subsequent attempts to specify a non-existent device.

While looking at this several other things might be improved (this is the kind of thing that new users have trouble with but once it's set up you forget about it)

0) telling (the new user) that errors are logged elsewhere is "un-helpful". How do I get to see errors? What's /tmp ? ...
much better to just show the error.

1) why does pop request for device home to bottom left which causes clicking on none to result in only the top half of the word backup showing on the screen and nothing else

2) how 'bout defaulting to backup. Obvious first choice.

3) Why can't it show what it's doing, setting cursor to "BUSY" is swell but why hide it?

4) Once an invalid device is entered, it cannot be corrected! File Tool window-ette must be closed and backup/restore restarted!

Again. Some of these only occur on the first use of backup, but it makes getting started much more confusing than necessary.

I offer to assist in making these changes. PS (Where's the toolbox popup source?)

Thanks for all the fish.

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Re: backup:"error occured.... errors in /tmp/backup_status" NOT
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2012, 11:36:21 PM »
The backup is now typically stored in the the tce directory, so therefore the default is not none unless one is running in cloud mode and have not specificed either a tce directory nor used the one time boot code of restore=

Lets see, one can use any one of the following to set their backup location, with the example of sda1;
1 A one time boot code of tce=sda1
2. Or a one time boot code of restore=sda1
3. Or from the command line with tce-setdrive
4. Or from AppBrowser with the status bar shown in red and the Set button enabled.
5. Or from ScmBrower with the status bar in red and the Set button enabled.
6. Use the extension tce-install.tcz to setup tce directory on hard drive or pendrive.
7. Use CorePlus to setup tce directory on hard drive or pendrive.

But gosh, if you don't do any of the above, then yes, you are faced with a defaut of None and have the capability to enter a valid device. Obviously I can further bloat up any program. But as far as any newbie comment, my response is:
1. Most newbie's would likely be using ntfs which is not supported in the base. I would venture to say that most newbie's would not even know how to setup to use NTFS for tce or restore.
2. I have repeatedly stated and noted on websites that this is not a turnkey system, i.e, read as not for newbies!.
3. The archeticure of Core is quite different than most traditionally installed systems and that Core runs entirely in ram and does not need to be installed so therefore there is no default backup location without one of the above user decisions.

By your comments, it seems to me that you are not aware of many of the systems functions.
However, thanks for the spelling heads up. I will consider the bloat request.
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Re: backup:"error occured.... errors in /tmp/backup_status" NOT
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2012, 04:49:30 AM »
A). Thank you for your response. especially all of the (who'd'a guessed)  choices for backup. I seem to have accidentally bumped against one of your buttons. I surely agree bloat === bad, although not sure how that fit into my post. I was not requesting additional options or destinations be provided by backup/restore(aka file_tool front end). 

As to what device to choose ( I wasn't suggesting a list of devices), as there a strong emphasis on running from RAM and non-install (which has great appeal). I would think "early adopters" of TC (like me) would be most inclined to use a USB device, but hey, allowing whatever as provided is great.

B) Regarding my " 2) how 'bout defaulting to backup. " This is in reference to backup/save/safe/restore choice.

C). My post was prompted, as the title states, by looking for the output which was said to be found in /tmp.
 You didn't mention anything about 1), 3), 4)

D. Yes I am not aware of many of the system functions, but I'm working (hard) at discovering them.

Please understand that there is a difference between an newbie (to *nix) and  a new  experienced ( of many years and many OS's including (several mainframes, AIX, HP-UX, various distros of Linux (including DSL) , CP/M, single board computers without any storage device at all, MAC OS/X oh and yes MS DOS and even MS windows) user. Personally I see myself as anything other than a traditional user.
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