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Network wizard in Core ?

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Thanks for your advice Rich,

I have a static ip address in MicroCore 3.8.4 with the following method.

I've added the following instruction to the start of "/opt/bootlocal.sh"

--- Code: ---sudo sh /opt/eth0.sh &

--- End code ---

My "/opt/eth0.sh" file contains the following

--- Code: ---#!/bin/sh
pkill udhcpc
ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast up
route add default gw
echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf

--- End code ---

I had to add the following to "/opt/.filetool.lst"

--- Code: ---opt/eth0.sh
--- End code ---

And finally I had to run

--- Code: ---filetool.sh -b
--- End code ---

Hi remus
Not to quibble, but don't you mean:

--- Code: ---ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast up
--- End code ---

Hi Rich,

--- Quote ---ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast up
--- End quote ---

I seem to recall that I got the netmask and broadcast settings by running ifconfig from microcore while it was in dhcp client mode (<- did I say that right ?)

The only part of the IP at work that changes is the forth octet, so the 10.1.1. is static.

I know where you are coming from though, I'll run ipconfig from a few windows computers and see what they are doing, and I'll double check my memory by booting up a few systems with a stock mc cd and run ifconfig

10. is a class A network, so the original netmask and broadcast were correct. Though no reason you couldn't subnet it to just 256.

I've not yet spent much time learning about network theory, i've always been trying to get something working, and then having to move onto the next project, without the time to reflect on what was done, and learning the theory that relates to it. I hope that i'll get some down time eventually. And learn about network theory.

This looks helpful.


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