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Hi all,

I'm wondering if there is a text based wizard for setting network settings, like the one in the tinycore control panel ?

If there isn't I'm guessing, I could just run the tinycore network wizard, and let it produce the settings I need, and then copy them into a microcore environment.

thoughts and comments appreciated :)

Hi remus
The Tinycore network wizard just produces a script like the following:

--- Code: ---#!/bin/sh
pkill udhcpc
ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast up
route add default gw
echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf
echo nameserver >> /etc/resolv.conf
--- End code ---
I would just use that as template and modify the numbers as required.
If you run this script as a regular user, you may have to add  sudo  to some/all of the commands.

I just started throwing together a script that will work pretty much like the cpanel "Network" applet but in a terminal.  If anyone else has already done so, or actually knows what they are doing with such things (or if the Network applet is really just a front end for an existing script that I don't know about?), let me know.  Otherwise, I'll continue - perhaps coming up with something suitable for inclusion in base.

Hi Lee
The /usr/bin/network applet does not appear to be a front end for a script. If you examine the binary, near the end
you'll see the commands it uses to create the configuration script, update bootlocal.sh, etc.

Thanks Rich.

And thanks to the community for not beating us up about this... I'll plead that I still spend waaay too much time on closed source systems but - I just now thought to go and snarf the source from


Its all object-oriented-lookin' but at least I'll get it right.  :)


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