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Hiro, Hope this does not begin a chain reaction.

I am not from mathematics. I was masters in zoology back in 1984. Still I got 48 out of 50 in one of my maths papers in my high school exams. Immediately after that I dropped for Biology, against my instincts. (Failures begin in life early ?). [How did you know I am a dropout from mathematics, and force me to read it !]

Still I searched for your chains, and read with interest on wikipedia, as I try to read about everything I come across. I have not understood everything in first go, so I will continue to read.

I will consider everything said in Re to the original post.

As I said "Hope this does not begin a chain reaction", but this is only a small opening of hearts, that I beg all of you not to forbid me, or anyone. So this little note is for everyone of us here, who are all very humans, very prone to err, and far from perfection even in a single field.


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