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Alert everyone !!!

It is a bomb I am keeping secretly in my mind over the years, and have never ventured to tell anyone out. I thought once of my capabilities. Now I think of nothing but only of my failures. Failure in every field; throughout the life. Forgive me for being emotional. I have never understood the things.

First, I don't know if this is the right place to open my mind on the forum on this subject.
It is place for the unofficialdom.
It is rather not much visited (I may be wrong. Instead it may be the visiting place of the engineers themselves).
It is about remastering. Will I be asking about remastering? No.

Microcore consists of two files. Core.gz, essentially the linux file system; use busybox or whatsoever for it. Second, the bzImage or vmlinuz or whatsoever xyz name you want to give to your compilation, but actually the real linux, the true linux, the only linux, for which we all are thankful to Linus Torvalds, and his ancestor, the author of Minix, I mean Andrew S. Tanenbaum.

So the distros actually differ basically in their filesystem. Actual linux is what we all know is maintained at, and which is in use everywhere.

My question is if I take that "real" linux, the bzImage/vmlinuz/xyz of debian, of slackware, of fedora core, of ubuntu, of knoppix, of puppy, of Tinycore, of zenwalk, of .., of..., of.... and do a mess of one with another ? I am going to replace the vmlinuz of Tinycore with say this distro, this distro, that distro, that distro, ... and also am going to inject this distro, that distro, with tinycore's . I will publish the results. But as I already said above, I have been a failure throughout my life.

So let us share.

PS : Roberts, here are my first wishful thanks to you in person, for this novel thing you have created. I read with great interest your Response to John Andrew as well. Leave Tinycore alone, DSL itself was a wonder of her time. Go ahead. The best thing with Tinycore is that with different and as many as discardable (!) mydata= bootparameter in one's bootloader, and with as many of those discardable backups, one can test almost anything in the sphereof linux.


--- Quote from: shail.dw on March 06, 2012, 10:42:33 AM --- I will publish the results.

--- End quote ---

What is the goal you are targeting?

Assuming a compatible config and a recent enough version, yes you should be able to run any other distro kernel on TC.

bmarkus !

Were you reading at my back, while I was typing ?
You are so senior.
I ask if Satan is not an experimenter ?

Curaga, You too!

I got the message, "Warning - while you were typing a new reply has been posted. You may wish to review your post."
Well I really intend to recieve such replies.

I say Markov Chains


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