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mbd, boot live from USB

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--- Quote ---Maybe boot time option to search mountpoints for iso can be useful?
For example:

--- End quote ---

absolutely ...

--- Quote ---I will add an option to omit Syslinux installation.

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thanks in advance ...

"--without-bootloader" option is added, so it is possible to use mbd with the existent bootloader.


--- Quote from: roberts on March 06, 2012, 10:37:20 AM ---If one is trying to run directly from a single iso image file then the following would be required to extract any iso included extensions:

Example for YUMI on sda1 and assuming that you have a tce directory setup on a writable drive. Use
tce-setdrive for easy setup

1. Make dir to mount the iso,
    mkdir /mnt/image
2. mount /mnt/sda1
3. mount -t iso9660 -o ro /mnt/sda1/multiboot/ISOS/TinyCore-4.4.iso /mnt/image
4. cp -a /mnt/image/cde/* /etc/sysconfig/tcedir

Note may need to add waitusb=5 for slow devices, or if forget that then after boot use

If there is enough interest I can add this procedure as an option to tce-setdrive.

--- End quote ---
I have made this into a boot time option and will be 4.4rc3.
Can be as simple as iso=sdb1 and a search will be performed or complete path such as:

Hi Robert,

thanks very much for the improvement & for the complete distribution


Just a note on this feature. I only support one automatically found iso. That is because our boot is not interactive. So if using YUMI with many isos you will have to use the full path option.


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