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mbd, boot live from USB

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Hi folks! A little announcement here.

mbd is collection of scripts, for loading live Linux CD images from USB drive.
No special partition creation and *.iso "installation" is required.

Main job is done in friendly Linux environment.
NetbootCD (TCL based live CD, with kexec powers) is used.

It is posible to boot 4.0 and 4.2, 4.3 TCL with this stuff.
For 4.2 some modifications was done, since X become an extension and tce directory is a need for the first run.

Project on /b3b/mbd  (not allowed to post external links).

Welcome your comments!


this is interesting, but I would prefer not having to modify my boot loader. 
You say that make install will install syslinux.

I am currently using Grub Legacy with the following menu entry (from a usb stick):

title CorePlus - chainload ISO image via memdisk
kernel /boot/grub/memdisk iso
initrd /TinyCore/CorePlus-4.3.1.iso

that runs not bad, but it does not load any extensions due to the fact that CorePlus does not know where its iso is ...


If one is trying to run directly from a single iso image file then the following would be required to extract any iso included extensions:

Example for YUMI on sda1 and assuming that you have a tce directory setup on a writable drive. Use
tce-setdrive for easy setup

1. Make dir to mount the iso,
    mkdir /mnt/image
2. mount /mnt/sda1
3. mount -t iso9660 -o ro /mnt/sda1/multiboot/ISOS/TinyCore-4.4.iso /mnt/image
4. cp -a /mnt/image/cde/* /etc/sysconfig/tcedir

Note may need to add waitusb=5 for slow devices, or if forget that then after boot use

If there is enough interest I can add this procedure as an option to tce-setdrive.

Dear Robert,

thanks for the hints. I'm referring to memdisks ability to use an image (iso, floppy or hd) as an initrd (see and or without the need to loopback mount the image and copy its contents.

As far as I understand, it could be automated with the help of phram and mtdblock kernel modules and the utility memdiskfind from the syslinux package.


Maybe boot time option to search mountpoints for iso can be useful?
For example:

--- Quote from: bernhard on March 06, 2012, 08:12:03 AM ---Hi,

this is interesting, but I would prefer not having to modify my boot loader. 

--- End quote ---

I will add an option to omit Syslinux installation.


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