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I need help on my xorg.conf (SOLVED)


I have a OQO 01 portable umpc and i have to use a custom xorg.conf on all linux distributions as they all detect my display as 800x600 and it is 800x480 and i also have to always add my wacom as well as it is not on a normal interface all of which i can do.

My real problem is i need to be able to add a xorg.conf to the live usb boot and don't know how to do this as i am unfamilar with where i should put it and how.

And don't say install it as i want to use it live. Nor say remastersys it after such install as the xorg.onf doesn't stay.

Please help me.

P.s. i have tried right clicking the desktop and going to tools then xvesa_setup and i selected 800x480 and also 640x480 the second time i tried but it won't change my display.

Hi extraweb1
Use xvesa_setup to change the resolution, then restart X. Press  Cntrl-Alt-Backspace  and then enter  startx

Thanks perfect


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