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The second release candidate of Core 4.4 is ready for public testing:

The major theme for Core v4.4 is a kernel & modules update and tag searching.

Changelog for 4.4rc1:

* Minor kernel update to 3.0.21 to support the following:
** ax25 / ham radio support
** kexec
** efficeon agp patch
** r6040 mii fix
** isa libata enabled for very old laptops
** xts, gf128mul for truecrypt uses
** resolves the kernel panic issue when mounting CIFS shares.
* Updated tc-config with syslog/rsyslog patch
* Updated Xprogs.tcz: scmbrowser and smc-fetch.sh tweaks

Update instructions, from the release candidate area:
1. Copy over new vmlinuz
2. Copy over new core.gz
3. Copy over new Xprogs.tcz
4. boot into new system

if You have/use X then
AppsAduit -> Dependencies -> Build Reporting Database -> Fetch Missing

or if you only use Core (no X) or Xorg did not start and only have a system prompt use:
tce-audit builddb
tce-audit fetchmissing

Change log for 4.4rc2

* Updated search.sh added -t option for tag search.
* Updated provides.sh for CLI use.
* Updated appbrowser for new tag search.
* Updated ab keyword is now a tag search.
* Updated tce-size with date check on sizefile update.
* Updated tce-setup fixed when base boot code is used with missing /tmp/tce/optional directory.
* Updated tce-setdrive with a required readlink.
* Updated filetool.sh with a required readlink when used after tce-setdrive.
* Recompressed modules to save space.
* Added ssb module to base.

Note: Xprogs.tcz has been updated and is in the release candidate area.

hi roberts,

thank you for adding ssb module to base.
but it's not loaded at the usual booting... i didn't blacklist this module as recommended lately.
ifconfig shows only the loop-device.
do i need additional bootcodes or  to load a further module-package?
i add my dmesg and my loaded modules to this thread.

thank you for your help.


--- Quote ---The Set button has only ever been active when the tcedir is on /tmp and the initial status bar displaying tcedir is red. No other purpose.
--- End quote ---

With AppBrowser / Local I can load extension from anywhere in the file system. It is convenient during testing extensions. With ScmBrowser I can't do that, I have to move it to the production directory /tce/optional and install from there and remove when testing finished.

I've just checked my machine and ssb loads on boot - I don't have hardware that requires b44 though...

hi juanito,

as you can see in my modules-list, there is no ssb-module:
acpi_cpufreq 12288 1 - Live 0xf8b04000
mperf 12288 1 acpi_cpufreq, Live 0xf8b00000
cpufreq_userspace 12288 0 - Live 0xf8afa000
cpufreq_powersave 12288 0 - Live 0xf8af6000
cpufreq_stats 12288 0 - Live 0xf88e5000
cpufreq_conservative 12288 0 - Live 0xf88e1000
squashfs 24576 43 - Live 0xf88e9000
scsi_wait_scan 12288 0 - Live 0xf884a000
zcache 12288 0 - Live 0xf883b000 (PC)
zram 12288 1 - Live 0xf8846000 (C)
loop 16384 86 - Live 0xf8841000
pcspkr 12288 0 - Live 0xf884e000
serio_raw 12288 0 - Live 0xf8837000
sdhci_pci 12288 0 - Live 0xf807c000
r592 16384 0 - Live 0xf8063000
sdhci 20480 1 sdhci_pci, Live 0xf8831000
memstick 12288 1 r592, Live 0xf8051000
mmc_core 45056 1 sdhci, Live 0xf8070000
yenta_socket 20480 0 - Live 0xf8033000
pcmcia 28672 0 - Live 0xf8068000
pcmcia_rsrc 16384 1 yenta_socket, Live 0xf8059000
pcmcia_core 16384 3 yenta_socket,pcmcia,pcmcia_rsrc, Live 0xf8042000
video 16384 0 - Live 0xf8048000
backlight 12288 1 video, Live 0xf803e000
battery 12288 0 - Live 0xf803a000
ac 12288 0 - Live 0xf802f000

all tc-versions since 3.0 supported this ethernetcard...


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