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wbar labels missing spaces


I'm running tc 4.1

I believe that I have found a bug.
The problem is that when an extension contains a .desktop file and the value of the "Name=" field contains multiple words, the script(s) which load(s) the extension strip out the spaces. (e.g. a .desktop file with "Name=My Program" will have the label "MyProgram" in wbar.)
(Note: Of course, if the *.desktop file doesn't have proper "X-FullIconPath=" entry, then there will be no icon.)

This is not a problem with wbar because I can edit /usr/local/tce.icons and reinsert the missing spaces; I can then right-click on wbar to restart it and the labels are then correct. Of course, I'm not going to add /usr/local/tce.icons to my backup because this file is supposed to be generated at system start up.

I'm not very good at reading scripts, but I think that the problem lies somewhere in wbar_setup.sh or wbar_update.sh

You can see this for yourself by installing parole.tcz. It is 14 MB with all the dependencies, but I think that most people already have many of the things that it depends on.

I build all my extensions with an underscore between_words to overcome this behavior, or use a single word

Yes, if people are aware of the problem it is easily worked around. Actually, using relatively short labels is probably a good idea since it will prevent labels from being cut off* when the user is using a vertical bar.
Despite these things, a bug is a bug and IMO should be fixed.

*P.S. To illustrate what I mean when I say that the label is "cut off", I've attached an image of it.
       Note how the leftmost part of the "A" in "AppBrowser" is missing.

Cosmetic only no real impact to operation. Therefore, I don't consider it a bug. Besides it was by design to have more consistent labels with the base icons and to at least attempt to shorten the labels which you also complain about.

Okay, I can live with this setup. I'll make a note a note of this fact here.


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