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thunderbird.scm icon issue

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In LXDE menu thunderbird icon is not displayed when thunderbird.scm is installed. thunderbird.tcz is OK. At first glance I do not see why is it :(

Jason W:
Ok, I thought that the Icon= entry needed not to use the png suffix to work across the freedesktop DE's, so I left it out.  But I honestly rarely use anything but icewm so I would not catch what works and what does not.

I will add the png suffix back in and let's see if that fixes it.

Jason W:
Ok, I uploaded a hopefully corrected version.

When uninstalling thunderbird with ScmMBrowser it uninstalls ok, but the icon stays in wbar and the menu entry stays too.

Hi Onyarian
If you right click on the wbar I think that will refresh it, I don't know about the menu entry.


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