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TinyCore with Symantec Ghost using PXE

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>>A: a running windows OS in order to create a core remaster
  The ghost linux files are also on the GSS 2.5 installation cd (/mnt/sr0/Linux/LinuxTools.tgz)

>>B: a virtual linux machine with 256MB RAM
  I just wanted to save a few cds during the remaster..anyone can burn the original tinycore cd and boot a real machine to create the ezremaster

>>C: a second running windows OS with a pxe server.
   Or a linux server for pxe.  Linux is more stable.  Just add an samba share for image storage.

>>... and all that just to be able to run the linux version of ghost...
    Well when you put it like that it is a lot   :)  I do prefer to run ghost from my parted magic pxe image.  Until I figure out why occasional storage modules need to be script launched like hpsa, which only works on newer hp proliants.  I have been putting a lot more effort into making tinycore play nice with all the machines I image regularly. I would just use clonezilla but there are drawbacks, like the fact it can't shrink partitions easily during restore.  Truth is, I just love the wbar in tinycore and the smaller overall size too much to stop trying to perfect it.  Hence the script to help reduce human error as I remaster.

>>then I really don't get the point.
   I just wanted a smaller pxe like tinycore os that has lots of drivers to help ghost image newer hardware.


--- Quote ---   I just wanted a smaller pxe like tinycore os that has lots of drivers to help ghost image newer hardware.
--- End quote ---

Oh, nothing against that; I assume tinypoodle's main criticism was about the use of Windows, we are on a linux forum after all ;)

Also TC itself can run as a PXE server.

Thanks for all clarifications.

First thing coming to my mind when reading "core + ghost" would be booting a DOS image with ghost from a pxe server running under core...

Note that a pxe server is included in base, including a configuration "wizard", very simple and very low in requirements (X not required).

Wow funguy, I love what you've done.  I want to use the Tiny Core Builder for VMware View Client and PXE boot it.

The URL for the builder is: "repurpose dot vmwarecloud dot at" 

It looks like the dumps the contents of core.gz and the files listed in copy2fs.lst and merges them in a temp folder and repacks it.  Does it also copy all the files from cde\optional?  And, what does the line do? 

Then your script adds the Ghost files into the proper folders (using tmp\newinit) and then repack it.  Since the cde\optional folder has a bunch of extensions including the View Client, how would you merge these into the core.gz?  Would the work?



******************UPDATE - 11/1/2012******************

I was able to run the with a slight modification.  Instead of copying the files from copy2fs.lst, I used the onboot.lst.  This seemed to work and when I booted from PXE the GUI started.  However, I think the View Client may have some trouble starting because I see the desktop background and the WBar, but when View Client launches there is a black screen with an X cursor.  So there is something still amiss, but its a pretty good start.  The core.gz is only 20MB! 

Weird thing happened.  I tried 4.7.2 and my base extensions were missing after I ran my old script.  Here is a new fixed script that seems to work better by adding the base extensions to ezremaster.cfg.  Any help improving this script is gladly accepted.  The CDE folder is still auto deleted so that PXE is easier.  PXE is tested and working fine with this new script.


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