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libreoffice 3.5 - scm extension request

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For now my head is still fogged, when I decide to dedicate the time I will not forget to ask you questions  ;)

Jason W:
Still off topic, but please try the below.

Download the master build script by this link, and place in your path, like /usr/local/bin:

Then, download the ffmpeg-shared collective source tarball, made as one file for this exercise:

Untar the ffmpeg-shared.tar.bz2 into wherever you want, then enter that ffmpeg-shared/ directory.

Then, with bash.tcz installed, enter the command:

# buildscm /apps/ffmpeg-shared-vinnie

And see if the build just works.  Needed tcz build deps will be automatically installed.  Should make for easy rebuilds and tweaks.

ok, challenge accepted!

If I can not find time I will do to the Easter

Jason W:
The issue with libreoffice not using gtk2 when the gtk2 extension was loaded, except after loading gdk-pixbuf2.tcz, was a problem in the gdk-pixbuf build in gtk2.scm.  It needed --with-x11, so I built gtk2 self contained in libreoffice  and now the gtk2 toolkit works, and without needing gtk2.scm. 

I will also fix the gdk-pixbuf2 build in the gtk2.scm extension.

hi jason w,

but in the moment i still need the gdk-pixbuf2 in my onboot.lst to get readable fonts with the libreoffice3.5.scm!?

so in the moment it's not solved, do i understand that right?

thank you for your contributions.


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