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libreoffice 3.5 - scm extension request

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as some friends in the forum mentioned, libreoffice could be a good candidate for a scm.,12611.msg68672.html#msg68672

every help is welcomed!

Jason W:
I believe it's default install is into /opt, so if it is already self contained and not hard coded to be in /opt then it would be simple to install into /apps.  I will look more into it tonight.

Jason W:
The old openoffice did not require a whole lot in terms of deps, but I see that libreoffice needs much of gnome.  May be a deal breaker, but I will look more into it.

The integration of some current apps with dbus and gnome makes for a challenge when trying to build self contained.

hi jason w,

thank you for your efforts.
in the moment i can do almost everything on the base of a very small core-configuration.
just core plus a 2mb sized mydata.tgz.bfe plus approximately 600mb tcz-packages...
so you can imagine that in such a lean and clean environment a huge office-package
[ and i don't like to choose the smaller alternatives... sometimes i like big sizes ;-) ]
would be great to be kept seperated... and then the option to umount it, just great.

Jason W:
Actually, has a libreoffice package, I will run it and see just what deps are needed and use that as a guide.


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