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Samsung Unified Linux driver + CLX-3185 + TC CUPS-strategy

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I'm not  familiar with bash (should be ash on TC?)  -scripting, but if I read correctly, those SANE dirs are exported.

Hmm,  normally extension maintainer should comment. Is this distro-community-internal-discussion-stuff-related issue?.

Hi Yleisajattelija
Yes, TC uses ash since it is part of busybox, however, there is a bash extension you can install. If you plan on
compiling, be sure to install the  compiletc  extension.

BusyBox is great and  ash is great, too.

I digged SANE histrory and seems that origin of that bash script is RedHat. I strogly agree that scripting should be just simple maintenance tasks, use C if complexity needed.

JasonW is obviously overloaded because of so many extensions maintenace, so I suppose SANE upadate takes some time.

I'm very slow coder, for me it will take months to rewrite that script (if it works at all).

Is there timetable for SANE update?


Hi Yleisajattelija
As I said, you can install  bash.tcz. You should then be able to run the script.


--- Quote from: Rich on April 27, 2012, 08:41:48 AM ---As I said, you can install  bash.tcz. You should then be able to run the script.

--- End quote ---

Sorry, I prefer ash, I will try to convert that "bashism" stuff to reasonable code. There was dicsussion thread for shell scripting versus AWK. Seems to me, that ash is correct tool for system maintenance, but it is not a parser tool.

As system like TC, tool chain is important thing. Minimizing tools is important, use simple tools and as few as possible. Obviously shell script language is needed but is AWK really needed or is better to just use C if arthmetic is concerned?

I prefer C, but there is some point to use AWK. No need for compiling most important. 


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