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Samsung Unified Linux driver + CLX-3185 + TC CUPS-strategy

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--- Quote from: beerstein on March 05, 2012, 10:49:08 AM ---I looked at splix and will try to install it. But into which location (folder) do I need to install this drivers?

--- End quote ---

If you compile it with "--prefix=/usr/local" I believe it will put the files in the correct place

Last night I digged TC7Sane internals.

a) Bourne shell seems to be good choise, bash generates "mentally invalid"  installation scipts
b) usbfs is valid for udev systems
c) sane-find-scanner finds CLX-3185, -> usbfs is alive
d) scanimage -L won't find CLX-3185, conflicting/missing udev rules suspected
e) Unified Linux driver tries to install 98 and 99 rules, there seems to be TC staff on 98, sane default is 65
f) There is sane scripts tools/udev directory, which probably can be used to re-installs rules for sane

What is TC strategy for maintaining udev-rules? Rules update needs some sort of state-machine to be stable (Xorg crashes are probably due this same problem).

Okay, NOW I see, this "/usr/local" installation point is for PPI method.

Anyway, SANE/CUPS extension maintainer should notice these numerous side effects when changing installation point and at least set those file-location vars correctly.

Of course, if EVERYONE other distros are using "/usr" installation point, coders may hardcode some of those library directories. That's ALSA problem.

Hmm... who is SANE extension maintainer?

Hi Yleisajattelija

--- Quote ---Hmm... who is SANE extension maintainer?
--- End quote ---
Read the  Info  tab in AppBrowser.

Okay, SANE maintainer seems to be Jason W.


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