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Samsung Unified Linux driver + CLX-3185 + TC CUPS-strategy

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Samsung has multifunction printer/scanner Linux driver pack including only few distros. TC is missing, of course.

It is well known problem with Linux that distros uses many file formats and it is impossible to install driver by standard manner. I had lot of troubles to install CUPS-driver to TC, and it is still crude "all lib stuff persistence" version, because I haven't found yet all files attached by CUPS/Ghostscript filters and config files.

Samsung install script should be modified to TC-style script to make valid TC-extension.

Should have specification for TC -CUPS system file structure, is there any?


--- Quote from: Yleisajattelija on February 17, 2012, 01:38:31 AM ---Should have specification for TC -CUPS system file structure, is there any?

--- End quote ---

the cups extension file structure is that created by ./configure --prefix=/usr/local - you can look at the extension .list file to see the full details

Didn't found much from FHS_3.0 (draft) or  CUPS.org, either.

Up to TC, I think.

I think that /usr/local is part of the problem. My TC CUPS thinks that rastertosamsungs.plc raster file path should be at /usr/lib, not /usr/local/lib.

One part of the problem is local/shared printer, both seems to use their own config files.

How are those CUPS vars handled? cupsd.conf should be configured, but where?



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