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Ways to edit pdf

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--- Quote from: curaga on February 13, 2012, 09:10:41 AM ---I didn't know that, which program lets you do that on Windows?

--- End quote ---

Acrobat :)

Heh, I thought there was an actual free app ;)

Infix PDF Editor

@netnomad: I'm downloading pdftk although I do not think will work for me.
As I said before, I can not compile PDFedit.
for the rest I would not be forced to rewrite the pdf from 0 :)

@curaga, i install abiword and the plugin but if I open the pdf shows nothing more than a series of blank pages with some nonsense-characters

@for the rest, I would try to remain independent and free to use libre tool, maybe it's a utopia, but I hope to do that :P

doing research I found this:
Is in python, there are many dependencies and then I have to use tesseract (which is in the repositories).

I have not much time and I do not know if I'll make it, but as soon as I can do some testing.

in the meantime are still welcome tips.

I was looking for the missing libraries ocrfeeder:
Python Imaging Sane ?!?!!? I find nothing over packets of other distros but no site to download!
almost certainly the barier is my poor English, you could help me find the archive?


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