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Ways to edit pdf

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Intalling pil does not copy the headers into the file system - extension pil-2.7-dev created with the missing headers and posted.

@vinnie - if you load pil-2.7 and pil-2.7-dev things might work.

Edit: confirmed, building pysane now works  :)

Thanks Juan, you are always extremely helpful!  :)

@rich the question was a little longer, pysane was included in PIL, and thus there have been changes

It seems that the version of pysane separate compile, ocrfeeder now works, I tried it, is not exciting but okay.
Now begins the process of creating packages, I will take a while.

isn't OCRFeed just going to extract the text? If that's all you need, that's great. You'll probably lose all formating. I was looking for a pdf editor myself a while back. Like you, I didn't have much luck and ended up using LibreOffice which I think does a decent job. Adobe Acrobat Pro is a piece of shit, at least up to version 7(the lastest is 10 or something).

so libreoffice is working better than adobe acrobat? i'm about to edit some files, too.

TC has qpdf, submitted by some good looking aussie guy which states amongst other things

--- Quote ---An application that does structual, content preserving transformations on PDF files. It could be called pdf2pdf
--- End quote ---

It does not create from raw state a pdf, but once you have a pdf you can edit it with qpdf


if you have decent internet why not try cloud editor?

the site is free to use but asks to upgrade for extra features so I guess that makes it commercial so I shall be obtuse

the site begins with pdf and ends in escape and is a commercial site

and makes the following claims

--- Quote ---Free PDF Editor & Form Filler
Annotate PDF Documents
Create New PDF Forms
Edit PDF Files
Fill Out PDF Forms
Password Protect PDF Content
Share PDF Documents
Save & Print PDF Files
View PDF Files Online

--- End quote ---


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