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EEE PC 901 Screen Resolution Not Working


I may just be missing something really simple as I am a relative newbie to Linux in general. I have installed Tiny Core (64MB version) from a usb onto my EEE PC 901, however, I cannot seem to set the screen resolution. Parts of program windows appear off screen. I have added vga=789 to the boot options, and I have attempted to use Xvesa to set the resolution but I have not had ay success.

Thanks in advance.

I'm not sure if you tried searching the forum - I seem to remember posts on this same subject.

Perhaps you'll need to use 915resolution or Xorg-7.6 to get what you want.

To try 915resolution, use AppBrowser and select it, be sure to use OnBoot.
Then drop vga=789 and instead add xvesa=1024x600 to your boot options. Reboot.

For the eeepc 900 series 915resolution works fine.

Put 915resolution in OnBoot


--- Code: ---915resolution 50 1024 600 32
--- End code ---

edit the xvesa line in .xsession in /home/tc to:

--- Code: ---...... -screen 1024x600x32 ......
--- End code ---

I'm using the old acer aspire one netbook and couldn't get 915 resolution working even with all the help from the forum.  I'm still getting to grips with not using GUI so maybe that's my problem.

Anyway think I've sorted it - the acer has an intel 945GSE chipset

I downloaded latest from  - installed on boot
then downloaded XF86-video-intel.tcz - installed on boot
removed xvesa from on boot maintenance

it just worked.


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