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I have one odd observation in my installation of DosBox. When I first boot up, DosBox won't start. If I invoke it through a terminal window, I get the following:

--- Quote ---tc@box:~$ dosbox
dosbox: error while loading shared libraries: libasound.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
--- End quote ---

But if I run Firefox first and then start DosBox, it works just fine. Strange.

Hi OldAdamUser2
That's because  libasound  is a dependency of Firefox, once you run it,  libasound  gets loaded.
Try running  dosbox --help  and see if there is a switch to disable sound if you don't need it.

with jack is not possible to play multiple audio sources simultaneously?

My problem was that I had set up Firefox to load ondemand. Once I changed it to load onboot, Dosbox works just fine. No need to actually start Firefox before Dosbox.


--- Quote from: gunny on February 03, 2012, 10:08:17 AM ---Afterwards I was able to install Windows 3.1 with sound, video and joy stick drivers.

Now my grandson can play some old school dos and windows games.

--- End quote ---
@gunny. Could you please update that post with..:
- how to install windows3.1 within DosBox
- few  links where to find dos and windows games free of charge
I have a small project: change my AMD K6-III into a "playstation" year 198x..!


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