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Ahh right

Having mentioned this "freeing ram" thing earlier , it was not sighted as
the main reason for .scm apps.

maybe there was a missunderstanding on my part.

but thanks for the quik reply.


Hi Jason W; The scm package sounds like what I was suggesting quite awhile back.

Do they use masses of links to make them work, or are they used directly through the mount point?

Jason W:
Scm uses few symlinks, just what is inside the bin/ directory in the mountpoint, and the .desktop files and icon.

Excellent!!! It does sound like what I call "no-union" Squash apps. Or "SqApps".

Do you have a build script or GUI that automates this?

Jason W:
I use build scripts for everything that is not converted directory from tcz, which converting from tcz involves a lot of potential for error that does not exist when building outright.  Though some even complicated examples work well with the tcz to scm approach, like VLC.  That is accomplished with some methods taken from

The build scripts are in the src directory of the scm area.  I use a general script called "buildscm" that calls on include files, which are easily made for each source and it's dependencies. 

The build process is automated once created, like with tcz. 


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