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--- Quote from: netnomad on January 28, 2012, 03:40:14 PM ---hi roberts,

the first impression is very good, i experienced no bugs yet.
but what happens with the *.tcz-packages, are they now outdated?
is the scm-format the follower of the tcz-format?
whats the difference between the former appbrowser and the scmbrowser?

thank you for your explanations.

--- End quote ---
We are introducing scms as an additional option for our users. There are currently no plans to deprecate tcz style extensions. There is always the trade-off of efficiency and size. Both have there place.

hi roberts,

would you be so kind and give some details or examples for this?


--- Quote from: hiro on January 28, 2012, 02:34:35 PM ---New extension types? Can you elaborate?

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The announcement says what they are and how they are functionally different. Mount, no symlinks, unmount with icon and menu updates to match.  Jason, has been hard at work crafting some 40 scms for your perusal. While I have been readying the infrastructure within the base.  We will be setting up additional forum area for technical discussion. It is an exciting development to offer this additional extension type.

The no symlink part is what gets me now. Let's see :D

 :o I can not believe my ears (also because I'm reading)
this is definitely something amazing!


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