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Lets make that minimal symlinks, certainly not as before. But I will defer to Jason's expertise.
Lets see how what is offered is accepted and go from there. Still more work to do as this is only RC1. Enjoy!

hi roberts,

you wrote:
Re: mydata.tgz.bfe is encrypted with the password in quotes
I have been testing "protect" with v4.3rc1. I did make some tweaks.
"Protect" should work without issue when this rc is made public.

i think i did not explain the problem clear enough, because there is still the common behavior:

to decrypt the protected mydata.tgz.bfe on the command line with
tc@box:~$ bcrypt mydata.tgz.bfe
Encryption key: "password"

the password is not enough for the encryption of that protected file,
i have to write the protected-boot-password with quotes,
one at the beginning and one at the end.... not just password, "password" is needed.

if ls -A /apps/"$APP"/bin > /dev/null 2>&1 && ! grep "link_bin=no" /apps/"$APP"/config/spec > /dev/null 2>&1;
then sudo ln -s /apps/"$APP"/bin/* /apps/bin/ > /dev/null 2>&1

mhm, not that special actually.

Jason W:
I am writing an entry on the basics of the scm format in the tce extensions area. 

ScmBrowser Depends and Size window is empty.


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