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FYI: No further Java binary releases in TC repository

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--- Quote from: gerald_clark on January 25, 2012, 10:55:23 AM ---MariaDB is the replacement for MySQL.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, will take a look and make a tcz of it. Seems to be a similar story than OpenOffice -> Libreoffice.

what's wrong with openJDK that it cannot be packaged?

openjdk is not affected, only the "*sun*" or now "*oracle*" versions of java jre/jdk.

I never understood why people tried to feed that dead child for so long. It's technology wasn't revolutionary, the implementation depressing and it's use made people schizophrenic.
Thank good someone had the guts to build java a suitable coffin.

I do not know very well its function, but a friend of mine reading this topic passed me this link


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