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I like to change my windows manager. Currently, I am using Operabox as my windows manager. I want to change to other versions without reinstall  entire operation system again, and without delete any of my installed apps in the system. Please tell me how to exchange the windows manager. thanks

Install a different window manager, and edit onboot.lst to load the new one instead of openbox.
Please spend some time reading the wiki.

Where can I find the information on the wiki? Could you write down the website address, please.

Hi Maxbillion
I've never tried changing window managers, but I think the following should work:
Start AppBrowser and find the window manager you want to use.
Change  OnBoot  to  Download Only  and click on  Go.
Start  AppsAudit  and click on  OnBoot->Maintenance
In the right panel click on the current window manager to remove it from OnBoot
In the left panel click on the new window manager to add it to OnBoot
Click on  OnBoot->Exit OnBoot
Restart your machine.
Don't forget to read the Info tab in AppBrowser when you select a new window manager.

From the link at the top of the page:


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