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Seeking wireless card for IBM Thinkpad 600e

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Help. I have an ancient IBM Thinkpad 600e. Bought it used and it came with a 32 bit 10/100 Ethernet CardBus Adapter that I can push into a slot, connect it to a short 3-inch wire that plugs into it and that has an Ethernet plug  on other end which I plug a CAT cable from the router. to it Works great.

I know nothing about cards or hardware. Is there a wireless card I could get for this little computer? There is another slot right above the one I'm using on the right side of the machine. Are these PCI slots? I would appreciate any help locating a wireless card that would work with this computer and with TC+.

Hi al3
That sounds like it is a second  CardBus slot, sometimes referred to as PCMCIA.
From thinkwiki:
(2) Type I, (2) Type II or (1) type III CardBus slots

Wireless cardbus card:

Can't say whether this particular card will work for sure.

Thanks for the link. Would I need a driver for it or does TC+ have one included in the kernel or as an extension?

Hi al3
There are several threads listed at the bottom of the page curaga linked to that contain discussions
about this card. This one mentions that the card does not always contain the same chipset:


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