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Yes, but now I have to insatall Intel Sandbridge 2-gen Core i3 + GPU-2000. Driver is published 11/2011, and (suprisingly!) latest TC is probably supporting that chip.

Question: Do I have to load before Xorg? And that graphics-whatever-it-was package? That 2000 GPU is included MPEG-decoder, I want that to work, too.

No need to manually load intel or graphics. They are deps (or subdeps) of Xorg-7.6.

For the Sandy Bridge video accel, I think our libva extension is too old (and you'd need a player that supports va-api, I'm not sure if we have one in the repo).

I have a machine with intel hd3000 graphics and Xorg-7.6 works confless with it.

I just loaded latest TC, I will try installation tonight.

FLTK seems very efficient, OpenGL support should be, too. Minimizing X-stack sounds VERY good idea, I don't know if it is possible in this case. I think serious programmers typically wants simple API:s, so it is possible to build mimimalistic X-stack.

I did look that Intel HD2000/3000 instruction set, and that 3D-api is VERY complicated. Of course, those rendering staff etc. need specialiced HW, but THAT is too much. That uP-GPU-MPEG-decoder integration idea may be good, it should remove lot of slow bus traffic.

But, as allways, at real life speed depends on driver and X-stack efficiency.

TC 4.21 installed. Locales setup and Xorg driver for Intel core 3i HD2000 won't work out of the box. Problem is how to fix it. At least Xorg installer should be interactive (I know, that is not possible).

Xorg is probably using standard udev handshake, so this is kernel problem. That is anyway key point for systematic installation.  "Major bug fix" would be to modify udev kernel handshake -process to create  PCI/USB-device list first and then prompt user recursively for drivers found by udev.

By the way, TC installation user interface is excellent, simple and handy. Pro, I would say.


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