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TC Xorg installation strategy

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HD3000 and HD2000 suppose to be very close relatives, but it is of course possibility that 3000 works and 2000 not.

I will oad again TC base system, set local keyboard and load only Xorg7.6 package. Deps should be OK, so lot of stuff should install with Xorg.

Probably it crashes again, I try get all logs to find out problem.

I will update motherboard BIOS, too.

Xorg for core 5i is installed succesfully.

But, only when graphics package is istalled first and then Xor package froma command line. Probably that graphics package pre-installation is not the key, but that command line installation is.

Anyway, it is MUCH better idea always load drivers from command line (typically runlevel 3), and that is real Unix way too.

Is that so in TinyCore?

Next HD2000, let's see what happens.

There are no runlevels in TC.

That was core-i5 arrendale, didn't find Sandy Bridge

Let's try this exellent quote system:

--- Quote from: bmarkus on January 23, 2012, 02:43:35 AM ---There are no runlevels in TC.

--- End quote ---

a) I did look foor TC init boot secuence documentation
b) I found one
c) I have read it now (several days)
d) I like this TC boot VERY MUCH
e) After carefully analyze, I found couple of extra words in that document
f) I cannot find explanation for tho extra words
g) So, I have to admit, there is good quality and simple boot in this Unix.
h) Yes, I have to admit, that documentation is plentiful, too.
i) I assume that those few extra words are gift for mankind.

Anyway, should I load those Xorg drivers from command or not?



--- Quote from: Yleisajattelija on January 23, 2012, 03:12:47 AM ---Anyway, should I load those Xorg drivers from command or not?

--- End quote ---

I have Xorg-7.6 loaded "onboot" with the hd3000 and things work fine.


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