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I have used TC few months now. We have tried few TC installations to workstations and laptotps. TC+Xvesa installation is solid, but basic problem is that vesa standard is not updated anymore, so new motherboard (Intel DZ68DB) current BIOS is missing resolutions for 9/16 -LCD-displays.

So, Xorg have to be installed, but that rarely works at this moment on TC installation. Probably this is not TC -problem, I think that Xorg+X-stack is not working, as usual.

What is a solution? Xorg supplies source codes only.  Xorg-source compiling is distro staff work, I think.

Didn't found TC Xorg/X-stack display drivers installation/config docs, is there any?

I have two machines with intel graphics hardware - which is notoriously buggy - and for the first time, with Xorg-7.6, both of them work "confless".

Did you try the above scenario (xf86-video-intel needs to be loaded)?

One problem is that we eventually got one old Intel 815/915-whatever-oldtimer-chip installation working by SEPARATELLY loading that driver before Xorg (I'm not sure if this was true reason for this "unexpected win", maybe we accidentally changed newer TC version at same time)

I think think is NOT Xorg meant to be, they presume loading automatically ALL drivers, needed or not. I personally prefer semi-automatic installation, which you can select installed driver manually.

Anyway, TC Xorg installation docs are not valid at this moment. I'm not The best person to document TC X-stack. Someone knows better, documentation (desperately) needed.


--- Quote from: Yleisajattelija on January 19, 2012, 04:20:30 AM ---One problem is that we eventually got one old Intel 815/915-whatever-oldtimer-chip installation ...

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You can use Xvesa + 915resolution with this hardware to get the required resolution

If the chip is i8xx, Intel has dropped support a while ago. On those chips vesa may even work better than the intel driver.


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