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Im from germany so my english isnt the best, ok:

I will use tiny core in vmlite and when i start there is only a black screen with a X as cursor. I cant use the cursor. Tiny core plus works good but not tiny core. What can i do?

And where can i download the code of tiny core?

Thank you


I have no idea what you are trying, what problem you are having, or even what version you are running.

Start by reading the 4.2 release thread.
Then spend some time in the docs and wiki pointed to on the web page.

When you are able to describe exactly what problem you are experiencing,
we may be able to help.


When i download the newest tiny core iso with 12 mb and install it as virtuall machine in vmlite ist doesnt boot right, there is only a black screen an the mouse after booting and i cant do anything.

The plus version run correctly.

Looks to me like vmlite is designed to run Windows XP programs under Windows 7.

Yes but there run ubuntu etc. And tiny core plus too.
Should i test it in virtualbox etc.?


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